What is Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR)?

The Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR) provides a platform where realtors in the Grand Rapids area can learn and collaborate. Each year, to earn credits, they conduct The International Real Estate Practitioner’s Series (IREP), which is a certification program offered by GRAR to assist its members in enhancing their services to international buyers and sellers.


The international client market in real estate is an impressive but largely untapped and unrecognized market. The Grand Rapids Association of Realtors recognized this and decided to address these needs in their IREP series. They wanted to explore what to expect when exposed to other cultures in the real estate market, and how to best serve that clientele.

Executive Summary

7C Lingo was recommended to The Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR) to help with training realtors on interacting with international communities in their work. 7C Lingo was able to develop customized workshops that illustrated circumstances. 7C Lingo continued this training years after as well.

How did 7C help?

7C developed a customized workshop illustrating the circumstances in which realtors should be aware of when interacting with the international community. Together we examined implicit bias and how to take an open-minded approach to clients. The exploration into the difference between cultures generated great discussions. With over 40 attendees from the IREP series, 7C Lingo received great feedback from the participants and those running the IREP events. GRAR plans to continue developing additional cross-cultural events with the help of 7C Lingo and continued this series years after.