What is Broad Art Museum?

The Edyth and Eli Broad Art Museum is a public institute that reflects the global focus of Michigan State University. Designed by world-renowned architect, Zaha Hadid, it is expressly dedicated to exploring contemporary culture and ideas through the probing gaze of international artists.

Everyone belongs here, from staff to program participants. That’s why MSU Extension is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive organization that recognizes and celebrates every one of us. Please visit MSU’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page to learn more about our vision for a more inclusive and equitable world.


Our team had thought that this would be a quick interpretation for a few Chinese artists. Upon arrival, we had found out that the full board needed interpretation. Our experienced interpreter was able to think on their feet with the 7C Lingo team and was able to successfully interpret for a full panelist board despite a miscommunication.

Executive Summary

The Broad At Museum was unveiling a new exhibit celebrating female Chinese artists, and 7C Lingo was asked to provide interpretation services. Opening day consisted of an interactive panel discussion between audience members, and four of the artists to discuss their thoughts on femininity. Originally, the clients thought the panelists spoke English, but the client discovered they only spoke Chinese. 7C Lingo was contacted to step in.

How did 7C Help?

7C Lingo provided interpretation services for the panelist board. When preparing for this event, our team evaluated and visited the site to better prepare our interpreter and better understand the complexity of this project. We also had one of our team members there to help our interpreter on the day of the event.