Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is the difference between success and failure in today’s multicultural and globalized world.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the knowledge and understanding of unique behaviors, languages, and etiquette of other cultures. CQ measures a person’s ability to function effectively in a multicultural environment. It goes beyond pre-existing notions of cultural sensitivity and awareness, and helps us identify the recurring capabilities of individuals who can successfully and respectfully accomplish their objectives, whatever the cultural context, and be able to apply these strategies into successful action plans for individuals of all backgrounds. Cultural intelligence is also closely related to emotional intelligence, but while emotional intelligence is focused on the individual, cultural intelligence measures how members of a cultural interact as a community. Employers use CQ as a way to foster tolerance, create an inclusive environment, and enhance cross-cultural interactions throughout the organization.

Why Cultural Intelligence by 7C Lingo?

These four CQ capabilities offer a comprehensive framework for addressing the needs and opportunities of diverse markets and a diverse workforce. They can be used to create strategies for recruiting culturally intelligent staff, working through day-to-day intercultural challenges, and assessing and developing cultural intelligence across all levels of an organization.


CQ Drive is the willingness to work with others from diverse backgrounds. It includes an ability to overcome explicit or unconscious bias and the capacity to persist in challenging intercultural settings—even when the individual feels confused, frustrated, or burnt out.


CQ Strategy is the ability to adapt mentally and to understand that the cultural divides we experience are different from our own. This awareness makes it easier to develop strategies for interpersonal and community relations, and business success.


CQ Action is the application of how you act when immersed in multicultural situations. It includes one’s willingness to adapt to verbal and non-verbal behaviors, and to adapt to different cultural norms to improve the relationship or interaction.


CQ Knowledge is an understanding of culture, cultural differences, and similarities. CQ knowledge is the degree to which one understands how culture, cultural norms, and language influence how people think and behave.

Why CQ Training?

Global forward-thinking organizations are discovering that without a strong emphasis on CQ, their company can fall behind on the global stage. For example:

  • 70% of international ventures fail because of cultural differences.
  • 90% of executives from 68 countries believe cross-cultural management to be their top issue.
  • 38% of companies offer cross-cultural education to employees who are sent abroad.
  • 63% of assessed people have low motivation and interest to interact with other cultures, increasing cultural barriers.

Let Us Help You Create a Winning Culture

Learn how 7C Lingo can help your organization discover the value of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). CQ training is designed to teach you and your team how to celebrate your differences and work more effectively together. CQ Training also helps in building a stronger rapport with your clients, coworkers, and leadership team. CLICK HERE to request a free quote about this innovative and forward-thinking program brought to you by 7C Lingo.

*Discounted rates may be available for larger groups and may also apply to the nonprofit sector.

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