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Connecting the 7 & Growing Together

7C Lingo is on a mission to grow. Through the many professional services we offer, our goal is to connect today’s job seekers with organizations that embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms. We work closely with job seekers who are looking to redefine their career search. From intake to helping you locate an organization that is the perfect fit, 7C Lingo is committed to assisting you during your entire career/job search.

Why join the 7C team?

7C Lingo is working to change the modern world. Aside from being a part of history in the making, a 7C team member qualifies for a range of benefits!

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Competitive pay with bonus programs
  • Vacation and sick pay
  • Professional development training and support
  • Diverse workspace
  • And MORE!

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We are tirelessly working to expand our reach and be a key factor in ‘Connecting the 7’. We can’t do this alone; we are always looking for motivated, determined, hardworking, and driven individuals to join our team! Let the 7C Lingo Professional Services team share our proven professional recruiting and career services with you. Looking forward to assisting you on your professional career trajectory!

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