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Localization vs. Transcreation

At 7C Lingo, we specialize in language services that convey your message accurately to diverse audiences in a culturally compatible way. Our expertise in transcreation and localization ensures effective global communication. Localization considers cultural nuances, customs, preferences, and sensitivities to resonate deeply with the target audience. Our services adapt your message for diverse cultural markets, personal or corporate.

Transcreation maintains the accuracy and essence of your message across markets, preserving its impact in different languages. It’s ideal for creative and marketing materials that rely on cultural nuances. With our combined approach of transcreation and localization, we guarantee accurate communication and cultural compatibility. Trust 7C Lingo to bridge cultural gaps and expand your reach.

Why Localization by 7C Lingo?

  • We invest time and effort to understand your company and its unique characteristics.
  • We analyze your target audiences’ preferences and behaviors.
  • Our solutions are customized to meet your company’s individual needs.
  • We take a personalized approach to align our strategies with your business objectives.

What we can do for you.

Personalized Solutions, Exceptional Results

Personal & Business

Our expert translation services capture your audience in their native language and culture, going beyond word-switching to convey your message accurately and in a culturally compatible way. Our linguists cover diverse fields, ensuring precise communication in education, law, medicine, business, and more. 7C Lingo meets the demands of the global economy, delivering timely documents for seamless navigation of international markets.

Document Translation
(desktop publishing)

A big part of any marketing or business translation project can be the formatting step. Capturing graphics, logos, and other formatting needs can be the difference between success and failure. Trust 7C Lingo with more than just the words but also to capture the look and feel of your document, ensuring a seamless and professional outcome.

Website Localization

Creating an inclusive, accessible website is vital for global business success. Localization goes beyond languages, adapting content and visuals for diverse cultures. With a culturally attuned and user-friendly localized website, you establish strong connections, foster trust, and drive global business growth. Speak directly to your target culture and facilitate seamless communication for impactful results.

Software Localization

Software localization goes beyond translation, making software available in multiple languages. It adapts the software to the linguistic and cultural context of the target audience, balancing user experience (UX) and searchability. With attention to detail, accurate translation, and cultural adaptation, successful localization preserves functionality. Prioritizing UX and searchability creates localized software that resonates with diverse audiences, ensuring satisfaction and global success..

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO is crucial for optimizing website content across languages, expanding into new markets. By implementing effective multilingual SEO strategies, you can ensure searchability in users’ preferred language, enabling impactful engagement. Tailored content enhances online presence, attracts relevant traffic, and unlocks abundant global business opportunities for your brand.

Multimedia Services
(voice-over & subtitling)

Our team adds subtitles or voice-overs in multiple languages to your videos, enhancing global engagement and comprehension. Through the art of words, we communicate your brand message effectively. In some cases, a combination of voice-over and subtitles is ideal. Users can control text visibility and mute translated voice-overs. Adding subtitles alongside voice-overs is cost-effective as the script is already transcribed and translated.


Braille is very unique in that it cannot be translated using a software program, and must be done by a person in order to ensure accuracy. Due to this unique characteristic, Braille translators can be difficult to come by. Our team possesses the experience and expertise to handle your English to Braille translation with ease, accuracy, and professionalism.

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