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Are you one of the millions of job seekers today looking for a new career, unemployed, underemployed, find yourself back in the job market or simply want to improve your professional career trajectory?  If so, join others like yourself who want to take charge of their professional career path at the 7C Lingo Career Ready Academy.

This informative, hands-on and interactive three-part series is an inexpensive and smart way to jumpstart or strengthen your professional career portfolio.  During this series you will:

  • Learn what your resume is saying about you and what top ten-elements you need to get noticed by employers and recruiters.
  • Learn how to ‘ace’ an interview with guest panelists leading the discussion on successful interviewing and sharing their insider secrets.
  • Learn how to set yourself above and apart from the competition by creating a professional brand that gets you recognized and garners results.
  • Learn the most recent networking and social media techniques to help you grow both personally and professionally.
  • Network with others, like you, who want to reach their full career potential and much, much more.

Take control of your professional career journey and join us in the 7C Lingo Career Ready Academy!

The Career Ready Academy provides a strong framework to help you discover your full potential, gain valuable knowledge and resources and how to market who you are and what you do best.  By investing in this program, you can take your career to the next-level and become the very best at what you do.

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