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Everyone knows first hand about how the Corona Virus has changed how we work and live.

Everyone knows first hand about how the Corona Virus has changed how we work and live. Some of us have switched over to working entirely online and some have had to find new careers in light of their old workplaces closing or changing the way they do business. Regardless of the situation that we are in now, I doubt that there is anyone who would say that they and the way they are able to do their job was unaffected by the virus. Similarly to the way our professionals in hospitals, health centers, and courts have changed the way they conduct their day to day business, the profession of interpreting has changed as well. Because the service of interpreting is so closely tied to these other careers, it is expected that this would be the case.

Since I started my job of scheduling interpreters after the pandemic began, I don’t have the first-hand experience of what scheduling interpreters before the Corona Virus looks like. I did, however, take the opportunity to go back and look through our schedule before all of this began to get some more information on how the profession of interpreting has changed in light of the current situation. Although initially there was a decline in face-to-face appointments in March, they have steadily increased in the time since. The pandemic has shown the world the importance of remote communication in certain settings, and interpretation is no different. The interpreters we work with and the other staff members and I have seen how remote interpretation is becoming more valuable during this time.

Overall, interpreting has not become a phone and video only profession. Appointments, where face to face interpreters are requested, are still able to take place in person. The demand for phone and video appointments has also greatly increased. As telehealth becomes a preferred and convenient method of meeting with providers, we are happy to adapt to meet the needs of our clients. While being a professional interpreter during this time definitely has new challenges, it is by no means impossible. These new methods of phone and video interpretation can also offer new opportunities, such as connecting out of town interpreters who may normally not be available for in-town appointments with patients through Zoom and phone calls. Regardless of the situation, 7C Lingo is still proud to provide service for our clients during this time.

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