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hatim hannah, fathy and their stories

Fathy Shetiah is a first generation immigrant who has spent his adolescence and adult life in Michigan. He embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, seeking out change through connection, innovation, service, and education. At 14 years old, Fathy Shetiah had experienced first hand what it was like to be a limited english individual in a new environment. Moving to the United States with little knowledge of English was a lot harder than he had expected.

Through his previous work within banking, hospitality, food service, and academia throughout the Michigan community, Fathy saw the need for accommodations in language and culture. In spite of a tough political landscape, he founded 7C Lingo to meet those needs in 2007. As 7C Lingo continued to grow in the language industry, Fathy quickly recognized that his journey was just beginning. His love and passion for culture grew fonder and inspired him to get more involved within the community. To ensure that organizations were receiving the best cultural training possible, Fathy became certified as a CQ Facilitator from the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC.

Through the support of the community, 7C Lingo has transformed into a cross-cultural communications agency specializing in multicultural training, global projects, and language services including interpretation and translation. Our team at 7C Lingo prides itself on reducing cross-cultural barriers to empower innovation and building those connections in a global community.