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Sparrow Medical

What is Sparrow Medical

Sparrow is Mid-Michigan’s only community-governed health system, with more than 115 sites of care across the state and over 475 primary care providers and specialists.  Sparrow’s mission is to improve the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to every patient, every time.


As Mid-Michigan’s prominent health system, they provide care to over 120,000 patients each year from a wide range of diverse languages and cultural backgrounds.  As such, they are often in immediate need of interpreters to directly assist with the communication with patients who are limited English individuals.

Executive Summary

7C has a long history of reliably providing the language solutions that Sparrow needs.  We immediately provide the face-to-face interpreters for a wide variety of language and cultural solutions.  We have the widest range of languages with face-to-face interpreters in Mid-Michigan, covering even rare languages that some have thought were inaccessible.

How did 7C Help

Our interpreters helped Sparrow staff communicate with their limited English patients, including setting up appointments, facilitating appointments, and discharge patients. We understood Sparrow’s need for immediate accessibility to face-to-face interpreters of many languages, and were flexible in working with them, even being available during off-business hours.