About Us

Welcome to our team! With over 14 years of best in class customer service, we believe our best years are ahead of us. We Connect the 7 Continents and break down linguistic barriers. (Did you guess that’s how our company got it’s name of 7C Lingo?) We are founded on the basic principles of being creative and solution-driven for every task we are given. We strive to understand the complexity of the thousands of languages we work with. We are focused on the solution and determined to be the ones that lead the way. We do this through our large network of linguists, trainers, educators, and in-house teams that are truly one of a kind.

7C Lingo is a cheerful, solution driven, and versatile agency with a passion for multicultural professional services. We are not willing to compromise quality out of convenience or price. We provide language and cultural solutions to our global communities. We stay focused on how we can serve our clients through creative thinking, a can-do attitude, and by connecting with people!

We are and have been, a company dedicated to helping people grow personally and professionally. 7C Lingo is a leader of culture, language, and professional opportunities serving an audience around the world. We pride ourselves in our commitment to cross cultural solutions for our global audience in bridging the gaps between cultures and languages. 7C Lingo exists to provide language, culture and professional development solutions to better connect our global communities. Our purpose is to make your life easy when you are “Connecting the 7.” Our highly trained team of experts make you and your clients our priority.



Industries We Service

We serve many industries including medical, legal, automotive, education, manufacturing, and many more!


We stay focused on how we can connect the world by offering premium linguistic, culture, and professional development solutions to our clients. We do this through creative thinking, a can-do and a solution driven attitude.


To be recognized and trusted by our communities as a driving force in connecting the world through language, culture, and professional development.

Our Values


We love what we do and face every challenge with a positive and passionate attitude


We believe that “good” isn’t good enough and pursue perfection


We seek to do what is right


Every step we take is an opportunity to better the world


We are flexible and ready to meet new challenges